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  • Pittsburgh Home Buyer Seminar (July 18th, 2015)

    Are you thinking about purchasing a new home in the next few months?  Unsure where to start?  Take advantage of our FREE Pittsburgh Home Buyer Seminar on July 18th, 2015 at Panera Bread in the Galleria Mall in Mount Lebanon from 2-3pm. What is[...]

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    How To Buy A Home With Nothing Down

    You may be asking yourself, is it really possible to buy a home with NO money down?  The answer is YES! There are two types of 100% financing loans available to homeowners.  These two mortgages are the USDA product and the VA product. VA [...]

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    What Does The Reduced FHA Mortgage Insurance Mean For Me?

    January of 2015 was an important month for potential home buyers looking to purchase their next home using an FHA mortgage.  The reason is because of the governments announcement on the reduction of their monthly mortgage insurance.  The old [...]

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