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The legendary warrior, adventure spinner SanGoku hero is back asaction pack super saiyan battle hero. Your city is captured by someenemies and as flying fury dragon at rage to attack and destroyeveryone. Super Sangoku Tenkaichi hero is mightiest fighter &warrior who is always ready to protect city from those who arefurious to cause harm. Mighty fire dragon beast has caused terrorand danger. Prepare yourself to unleash super powers of Son Gokuhero in mighty saiyan global fight Flying Fury Dragon VS Super GokuWarrior Hero. Be ready for the epic battle of z in Guko game, knownas super Saiyan fusion fights. So, experience the real power ofsuper Saiyan Guko dragon in guko games. In this Guko games you arethe super Saiyan blue guko who came all the way to beat the evilpowers on the earth, you are Saiyan warrior of the battle Z as youheard about the Super Saiyan god battle heroes, so take control asGoku Fighting Hero, fight & smash all the enemies like SuperSaiyan hero in Guko fighting games. Be a super-hero Goku FightingHero in Z Battle to fight as legend hero in this amazing Gukofighting adventure games. Be ready for the battle against criminalsin the jungle and win the fight as survival of the jungle. You playas a Guko battle city hero or guko warrior legend with amazing Gukopower up and Guko tag team skills where dragones ball fighters areready to catch the gangsters in this Guko Games. In this superSaiyan battle or Guko new games the player can use strong and weakvariations of close combat attacks and charge their ki to firestrong and weak energy blasts. Guko Super Saiyan has three unique"Certain Kill" abilities that deal heavy damage to the opponentlike fire balls of dragon and Guki power ups. you can haveone-fight-one or one-fight-many in one battle of Z. But don'tworry, you will be strong enough to defeat all of enemies like aforce warrior in super Saiyan fighting games.The weapon system inGuko fighting games is just hand attack and super skills of songokugames. The hand attack of super Saiyan guko warrior will not takeyou power but the super skills will take power base on how strongit is. Being a protector of the city or get fame as Guko battlecity hero as Guko warrior legend is not an easy task to handle butas force warrior you have enough power to prove yourself as superSaiyan guko warrior. Use your Super Saiyan Guko warrior skills withspecial powers for destruction as Guko battle. Only you will beable to protect people as Grand Guko fighter because you haveknowledge about guko super Saiyan budokai or Guko tenkaichi Saiyanfight rules. Use your war strategy skills guko dragon power ups asguko warrior legend to defeat the enemies because as the strongesthero you have fantastic power and strategy to use in Guko games.Become a defender of the law and defend the people of songoku offorce warrior. Crush and smash everything in its path and become anSuper Guko Fighter. In this Super Guko Fighter: Ultimate DragonBattle Of Z you need to get the maximum point to unlock other superamazing hero’s. This goku fighter game will give you overwhelmingexperience to overcome adrenaline rush and be the Dragoon ballsfighter. Features:- Fight with the super deadly Street Fightingcharacters in city- Get Super saiyan blue goku fighting skills - Bethe guko warrior legend as street fighting hero- Play amazingfighting games offline and online- Upgrade best martial arts andkun Fu fighting skills- Amazing karate champ and kick boxing games-Combo fighting games for free Download Fun for Free!

App Information Guko Saiyan Battle: City Hero Fighting Games

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    March 1, 2018
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    Mad Titans
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Champions Wrestling Rivals: Ring Revolution Battle 2.2 APK
Mad Titans
With ever changing situation of ring fighting games and wrestlingfighting games you are welcomed to wrestling fight of taekwondo,karate, capoeira, kung fu and martial arts. Traditional wrestlinghas been transformed and new variants of this battle has beenadopted in very recent years of arena fighting category. There aremany names that are alive in these cage wrestling games who aredare devil type of heroes for everyone and have enormous fightingtechniques which they use against their rival wrestler to show himhis destined defeat with their hands. Many of the wrestlers havebeen contacted by dark forces of nature and they have turnedthemselves to the killing machines of ring battle and they do notspare even a punch and kick to their rival opponent in the fight ofwrestling 2 player. Tag team wrestling is their deadliest moveagainst their opponent wrestler and they get him as a team in manyinstances. They sometime attack the referee in their blindness ofpower of fighting skills. Enormous number of civilians who came towatch heavy weight contest of wrestling and boxing games areinjured by these evil wrestlers. There is one blue super fighterwho fight following all the rules and regulations of wrestling ringand abide by the terms and do not harm the civilians and that isyour favorite wrestler! Tag wrestling is his specialty and no mercyis his rule when he is in the fighting ring. Boxing fight is thesports that he is perfect in and his boxing and wrestle fightingskills empowers him to be the perfect candidate of your selectionand start building career as revolution wrestler under yourcommandments. Fight and battle in as many as battles to master theskills of pro wrestling and earn your fame and name in the circleof cage fighting and star wrestling tournament. Do not hesitate totrick rivals by the deadly moves of wrestling games or otherwisethey will not give you a chance to even plan any of the taekwondo,karate, capoeira, kung fu and martial arts move in the ring. Bewarethat rival wrestlers can use blades, stairs, chairs or other deadlyweapons to make you panic and injure you in karate fightinggames.Learning the ultimate boxing fight for like in boxing gamesto create a ragdoll effect and realistic physics on the rivals ofthe champions of ring boxing games. Choose your wrestler wisely andtrain him to your level so he can fight without any sauce of mercyand opens up a death battle right in the ring of wrestling cardgames. Use all the possible fighting combinations to join theStreet fighting games and fight like a legend to show your power inthe battle and climb up the wrestler ranking to be the best fighterof kung fu fighting games. Only emerging your skills and adaptingto new ones is the only mode of survival in Ninja fighting games asmany rivals are so adroit that they can learn your all thetraditional and modern battle moves within few ring battles. DingDing Ding!!! It is call to your first Ring fighting games! Be braveand fight well in wrestling games.
Cage Revolution Wrestling World : Wrestling Game 1.4 APK
Mad Titans
Cage Revolution Wrestling World : Wrestling Game• Time oftraditional wrestling game is over.• Ultimate tag team wrestlingwith pro wrestlers.• Most dangerous ring of cage wrestling games.•Heavy weight wrestlers around the world participating.• Differentcage fighting animations and wrestling modes.• Mad cage fightingring against revolution wrestling champs.• Super fighter animationsand ragdoll effects on wrestlers.• Player wrestler equipped withdangerous wrestling moves.EXTREME CUSTOMIZATION OF WRESTLERSWelcometo Cage Revolution Wrestling World : Wrestling Game. It is time fordeath match in a cage wrestling ring. Get ready for extreme tagwrestling combined with karate fighting games. Wrestling card gamesloved by every pro wrestling lover and this cage wrestling gamegive a chance to them to have most customization of real wrestlers.Grab your hands on your favorite wrestlers around the world in thisring fighting game and train your fighter for the finest starwrestling tournament which is advance from street fighting games.Cage fighting always been a brutal fighting and wrestler even diein cage wrestling while having an intense fight. REAL WRESTLINGRULES OF WRESTLING GAMESThis wrestling and boxing game has rulesthat none of ring fighting games has which is real wrestling fightrules in the cage. A referee and panel of judges monitor all thewrestling fighting game you play and gives point according to newreal world fighting rules of wrestle. You should train your wrestlefighter about the rules and know him to abide by them if he want towin all the battles of fighting games. Do not hesitate to break therules as they sometime meant for breaking. Cage revolutionwrestling world : wrestling game allow the fighter to grab theladder and jump on the rival or attack him with a chair. Breakingthe rules can also cause to win this cage revolution wrestlingworld.REALISTIC ANIMATIONS AND RAGDOLL EFFECTSTry differentfighting techniques of revolution wrestler and prove to be the bestin the cage fighting. Realistic animations of kick and punch areawesome feature of this wrestling game. Real fighting skills in oftrue arena fighting and wrestle techniques adopted by the wrestlefighters do cause ragdoll effects on the opponent fighter. Thiskung fu fighting game unlocks new horizons of fighting in the cageby unlocking the ragdoll physics on rivals. Now knockdown youropponent with extreme punch and kick with your real fighting skillsof boxing fight of ring boxing games. Real animation of fallingfrom the ladder and jumping attack on the wrestlers. Enjoy realfighting experience with modern ragdoll physics of wrestle.Downloadcage revolution wrestling world : wrestling game and enjoy freecage wrestling game.
Ladder Match: World Tag Wrestling Tournament 2k18 1.3 APK
Mad Titans
Welcome to ladder match world tag wrestling tournament 2k18 ofwrestling games. Real ladder wrestling action starts when wrestlingand boxing game combine in one action packed game like this realchair wrestling game. It is time to step in the tag wrestling arenawhere world real wrestlers are waiting for a real wrestlers tochallenge them in crazy wrestling ring. Extreme fighting simulatorintroduced in this chair wrestling game to fight the revolutionwrestler with full powers of taekwondo, karate, capoeira andmartial arts in just one real fighting ring. Wrestlers challengedby wrestlers and real wrestlers always win in the real ringfighting games. Ladder wrestling and tag match is the extreme levelof whole new modern concept of revolution in real wrestling games.Stand up like a champion wrestler and beat up the powerful darkforces of real world wrestlers in extreme ladder wrestling likereal ring boxing games. If you are gamer of street fighting gamesthen this real star wrestling tournament will be very easy for you.You can defeat all the wrestlers of wrestling fighting games easilywith extreme tag team wrestling. Boxing fight is always theadvancing form of fighting skills and an excellent platform forfighters to punch and kick right in the face of other real fightersof cage wrestling games. Cage fighting is an art for wrestling cardgames where everyone love to enter and earn good name. Wrestlingfight does not get over until you beat the opponent against tablewrestling and ladder wrestling in real. Chair wrestling games arealways fun and joy for people due to brutal fighting againstwrestlers of extreme arena fighting. Pick up your weapon of chairor table under the ring and throw it on the face of professionalwrestler to make him learn. Today have no mercy like real boxinggames and beat every tag team fighter with your bare hands, chairand table. Dare to challenge the best wrestlers around the world inthis revolution of wrestling and fight with them. Real ragdolleffects and realistic effects create awesome effect whilewrestling. Wrestling ring has many realistic things under it withwhich you can have real fun with table wrestling of crazy wrestlingfighting games. Ladder Match: World Tag Wrestling Tournament 2k18Features:• Custom Pro wrestling wrestlers.• Different weapons todefeat opponent.• Ladder jumping on the opponent.• Collection ofbeating objects to conquer wrestling ring.• Non-stop action basedfighting with modern moves• Modern touch to Traditional wrestlinggame.Download now for non-stop action packed wrestling with laddermatch and beat up the opponent wrestlers with chairs and againstthe real tables. Step in the world to enter the real heavy weightring wrestling game.
Cage Wrestling Tag: Revolution Death Match Fight 1.7 APK
Mad Titans
Hearty hello to the perfect shake of ring fighting games and tagteam wresting to tremble the rival fighters where only one canshingle grounds of rival fighters with brutal blows of streetfighting games. Enchantment of dark forces in cage wrestling gameshas consumed the world of boxing games and it awaits a champion whosteps up in the battle and fight with different techniques ofTaekwondo, karate, capoeira and martial arts controlled by hisnerve. Evil world of wrestling fighting games was waiting for arevolutionary boxer of fighting games to encounter their evilplans. Their intended mission to take revenge from superhero ofworld's most famous battle for ruining them with his best contestabilities of punch and kick. Train super fighter for battle inrevolution ring and take control of evil boxers who plan to teardown whole city of boxing fight with flick of their fist crusade,keeping in mind the current time demand of a superhero championskills needed to win over all the evil forces of ninja fightinggames.Fighting techniques is the thing upon which your fightingwrestler is perfect at and he is the promise of humanity in thecity of Kung Fu fighting games as he battles with realistic physicsand ragdoll effects against rival wrestlers in death match. Pickyour battle and open burst attack in different modes of cagefighting of wrestling games. Rival teams are born combatant andmost skilled fighters in the world of arena fighting where they usetheir full of strength for victorious contest of fighting ringwithin seconds. Two life opportunities give hope to boxers to havea fortune for life to perform their cores and testify theirTaekwondo, karate, capoeira and martial arts skills right in theheat of star wrestling tournament of fighting skills. It is beenlong period of time for the unattended trash calls of rivalwrestlers for tag wrestling and attack them bravely to grab themtightly until they choke on their necks to call off a knockout fromtraditional wrestling.Wrestling ring bids an endless adventurousmode of Wrestling and boxing game where you fight in pro wrestlingmode for the honor of tag battles of karate fighting games. Thinkof new modes of attack and tackle glamour of fist competition handto hand as rival opponents have good hands on the basic battleskills of revolution wrestler and coup a tough competition for theplayer of wrestling card games. Multiple opponent team combinationsallow rivals as well as player to choose his code of battle andattack as well as defense of Wrestling ring which best fit him inmultifaceted Ring boxing games. Choose one of world's most famouswrestler characters and follow the track of flawless success in theworld of cage wrestling games were you fight most evil skilledrivals. Attack your opponent of ring fighting games brutally rightat the start with kicks, punches, combos and jumping skills toknock them off of the battle of wrestling games. Cage WrestlingTag: Revolution Death Match Fight Features: • Authentic actions andrealistic punch boxing moves• Face different wrestling & boxingrivals with different fighting techniques• Heavy weight championsto battle against you in ring• Superstars & ultimate wrestlingchampion’s tournament• 3D animations and realistic quality sound
Goku Hero-Super Sayian Fighting Games 1.3 APK
Mad Titans
Welcome to the super Saiyan battle to experience the fight in Gokugames. Super Saiyan blue Guko is the game where you can experiencethe ultimate battle as warrior by saving the guko family in thefight. Guko games are designed for those who want to fight likesuperhero Saiyan and use the guko power up to defeat the enemy. AsGuko warrior legend you are the Guko battle city hero and it’s yourduty to fight with Skeleton powers in the fighting games. You gotspecial training from flash hero warrior in the futuristic shadowbattle so rush fight for intense battle in the combat streets withskeleton and fight like a fighter superhero in fighting games. Thisgame would give you the exact feeling of more powerful creaturebecause you got the Goku control and make him perform moves the wayyou want and win all the battles Guko fighters games.Guko superSaiyan battle is a kind of guko fighting adventure games in whichguko is available with all of his power and trying to survive inskeleton fight. If you want to help the Guko as super Saiyaninvasion instinct or guko battle city hero then install GokuHero-Super Sayian fighting games right now and be the part ofremarkable journey of super Saiyan to fade out all enemies tobecome the superhero in fight. The major goal of Goku Hero-SuperSayian fighting games is to kill the enemies and be a real superhero of all the time in Guko games. Don’t miss the opportunity tobecome the Guko warrior legend and in Guko super Saiyan games. Inthis brutal fight as street super goku fan you will fight withenemies from fantasy street fighting games. Take a deep breath andget ready for the fight in streets as super goku saiyan fighter inGuko games.The ultimate goal of Guko Hero-Super Sayian fightinggames is to kill skeleton as Street fighting persons. Learn thebest super Saiyan invasion instinct skills and try to win thefight. super Saiyan fighting game is available for free with Hdgraphics and astonishing super Saiyan Guko sound effects and youamazing animations. Get free rewards on daily basis with ultimatesuper Saiyan blue guko power ups.Features for Goku Hero-SuperSayian Fighting Games!- Fight with The Super Deadly Street FightingCharacters in City- Get Super Saiyan Blue Goku Fighting Skills - Bethe Guko Warrior Legend as Street Fighting Hero- Play AmazingFighting Games Offline and Online- Upgrade Best Martial Arts andKun Fu Fighting Skills- Amazing Karate Champ and Kick Boxing Games-Combo Fighting Games for Free - Fun & Challenging GamingExperiences of Guko fightingDownload for Free Fun!
World Wrestling Mania: New Wrestling Fight Game 1.0 APK
Mad Titans
World Wrestling Mania: New Wrestling Fight Game• Welcome to thebiggest event of wrestling games.• Try your fighting techniques inwrestling mania.• Royal wrestling with world famous revolutionwrestler.• Wrestling fighting in open sky and day light like lastyear.• Enhanced fighting skills against pro wrestling people.• Thiswrestling games event brings even retired tag wrestling.• A newlook of the ring fighting games without spot lights in day.• Sametraditional wrestling controls to control super fighter.REALWRESTLING MANIA WRESTLING FIGHTSRevolution wrestling and worldwrestling biggest even is here for super fighter and it is carriedout after rumble wrestling. Wrestling fighting without spotlightunder roof. It is wrestling in daylight with thousands of wrestlingfan all around cheering for their loved wrestlers. Take park indifferent powerful fights and defend your rumble fighting title ofwrestling card games. Tag team wrestling matches are also held inring boxing games like in karate fighting games. Wrestlers aroundthe world has gathered in this biggest even of wrestling fightinggames at one place and in one ring. You will be taking part in solowrestling as well as tag team matches against shining stars of starwrestling tournament. REALISTIC WRESTLING RING FIGHTINGTECHNIQUESIt is the time reveal the biggest fighting skills worldwrestle event of ring wrestling games. Try deadly moves and stay inthe ring for longer time with a lot of stamina to win the title ofthe wrestling and boxing game. Try to dodge the heavy weightfighters and do not hesitate to even take a fight with famous starsin arena fighting. Real ragdoll effects and realistic physicsagainst real punch and kick of fighting ring and kung fu fightinggames. Try throat slam, double jump and ring jump to takeoff andknockout the wrestler street fighting games. SMOOTHEST REVOLUTIONWRESTLING CONTROLSControl rumble revolution with your fingertipsand move your wrestler with joystick like boxing fight of boxinggames. Controls of this game are getting better and better everytime as the big event of the world wrestling comes closer. Trainyour wrestler for the worst combo to knock out famous wrestlers andsurprise them with your hidden talent with the help of smoothestcontrols ever in your hands. Make tag teams and fight in teams. Trydifferent combinations of fighting game and choke the otherwrestling team with extreme fighting skills of rumble and maniaright in the ring. You can even get chair and ladder wrestling inthis fight to brutally attack.Download World Wrestling Mania: NewWrestling Fight Game to have real wrestling games fun and haveworld wrestling titles of wrestling games.
Mad Titans
RUMBLE WRESTLING MANIA: ROYAL REVOLUTION WRESTLING• Finally waitfor the big event of revolution wrestling is here.• Yes, rumblewrestling with old royal wrestling style.• Get ready for everysituation and you call at any number.• It is like other wrestlinggames but you have to stay in the ring.• Rumble fighting becomesmore fun when you come at bigger number.• Rumble revolution of ringwrestling games and win the rumble wrestling fighting.• Ultimatewrestling mania of ring fighting games and ring boxing games.STAYIN WRESTLING FIGHT FOR LONG TIMEWait is over and the big event ofarena fighting. Finally wrestling and boxing game fight in tag teamwrestling. Rumble wrestling is an advance game held once in a year.You can enjoy this tag wrestling at ant time in this rumblewrestling mania: royal revolution wrestling game. Enjoy prowrestling and stay in wrestling ring for long time. This theme ofstreet fighting games introduces one wrestler every 5 minutes. Donot get off the ring or you fail and disqualify. Become superfighter and stay in the ring as it is cage wrestling. Throw otherrevolution wrestler out of the ring to eliminate otherwrestlers.REAL RUMBLE FIGHTING WRESTLING GAMETime for most awaitedgames in kung fu fighting games is here. Rumble starts now and timeto choose the champion of star wrestling tournament. All heavyweight fighters in fighting ring at once. Real challenge ofwrestling card games and to fight against everyone. You can makestrategy with other wrestlers and build tag teams to eliminateevery wrestler from the ring. Extreme boxing fight when it comes torumble wrestling of boxing games. Champion and the title holder isthe one who stays on the ring till the end and has stamina againstother wrestlers throwing you out of the ring. Become an activeresistance against punch and kick of other fighters and do not getoff the ring. FIGHTING TECHNIQUES WITH TRADITIONAL WRESTLINGTrickand real fighting techniques of karate fighting games. Slow motionand real fighting animations of fighting skills of fightingwrestle. Realistic animation and ragdoll effects and realisticphysics with rag doll physics. Simple and easy controller tocontrol the player and fight the wrestlers. Smooth animations ofkick and punch and easy movement controller makes this rumble gamemore smooth and addictive to play. All the possible fightingtechniques in at one place in the real thing to enjoy and haveextreme fighting fun. Download now and start your rumble and staytill you become champion.Download rumble wrestling mania: royalrevolution wrestling and have real fun with wrestling fightinggames. Rumble wrestling in old classic revolution wrestling styleof ring fighting games and wrestling games.
Virtual Mom Simulator: Happy Virtual Family 1.2 APK
Mad Titans
A WORRIED MOTHER DOES BETTER RESEARCH THAN ANY INTELLIGENCE AGENCY.Welcome to virtual mom simulator: happy virtual family game. Joinincredible family mom simulator and play the best virtual familygame. Real virtual mother simulator is there with all the realfeatures you needed in virtual mom’s life adventure. Become happyfamily member and manage all the family units like virtual dad,virtual sister and virtual brothers and have vacation family fun.Becoming mother or helping mom simulator is not an easy thing whenyou play real pregnancy simulator. Giving birth to a child is themost extreme painful thing in this world of virtual mom games orvirtual mother care game. This real mother simulator game allowsyou to interact with all the fun family members and help them as amother in their daily life real problems. Be the best mom simulatorand hire a trusted babysitter because mom is working family womenso feeding an infant is a full time job of this happy familysimulator of real virtual baby games. Real mom animations allow youto feed an infant with all the things he need to bring up his lifein real fun games. Play as a protective mom and take care ofnewborn baby and husband to make a real virtual happy family inthis life simulation games or virtual games. Have virtual sisterfor babies and make them play with their brother to make thevirtual brother and virtual sister bond strong. You are the part ofhappy family simulator and being a responsible mom simulator takepart in virtual happy family activity fun to Design real home invirtual mom games and this Virtual happy family virtual step motheradventure allows you to customize the home where you do every tinywiny setting of the real home. Experience the real home based taskslike cleaning home, decorating virtual dad rooms garden thebackyard, clean the car, feed the dog and take him to walk andvacuum the home in this virtual happy family activity fun. Theseare real tasks you are about to enjoy in this real virtual momsimulator game. Virtual step mother adventure which is known ashelping mom simulator, sometimes mom’s life become so difficultbecause to make a happy family simulator is a tough job. Gettingreal the baby for the school is a real job that no one better canperform other than virtual mom, virtual family game. This game ofvirtual mother simulator allows you to prove your skills to takethe virtual dad, virtual sister and virtual brother relations to awhole new level of real bond. Control your real home from yourphone, design home, make babies, feed them, clean home and giveyour best to your family in this real virtual mom game.Virtualfamily activities games are full packed with virtual mom’s lifeadventure in which you can experience the happy family simulator aswell as virtual mother care in virtual family fun. Mom is thehelping mom simulator member in virtual games. So be the virtualmother and join family vacation fun with virtual dad and familymembers in this incredible family mom simulator game. Virtual MomSimulator : Happy Virtual Family Game Features:• Real mom simulatoranimations.• Happy family member to interact.• Smooth and easycontrols.• Play as mom is the real fun.• Awesome story for realmoms.• Design your dream home in real.• Realistic life simulationsand animations• Awesome graphics to interactDownload now toexperience the strongest woman in a happy family games and startexperiencing virtual mom simulator game which in more family fununlike other virtual mother games.