• How do I get pre-approved for a mortgage?

      The first step to getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan to is to call (John Cushma) at 412-551-8970, or complete the Pre-Approval Application.  The initial pre-approval phone call should only take a few minutes, and once pre-approved, we will have longer conversations to educate you on various types mortgages, run scenarios, and more.  Contact me today!

    • What is the lowest credit score you will work with?

      The lowest credit score that I can work with is a 580 middle score.  There are three credit reporting bureaus and we use the middle of those scores.  Ideally you want at least a 640 middle score to obtain the best rates/guidelines/programs.

    • Do you offer credit repair help?

      Yes!  I help anyone that is in need of credit repair.  Some clients just need a little Band-Aid, whereas others need a total overhaul.  I will help as much as possible, but remember that credit repair is not quick or easy, and you must be determined to want to improve your score.

    • How long does it take to approve and close a mortgage loan?

      My average time for a closing is 21 days, however I can accommodate almost any time frame and rush things through if needed.

    • I want to buy a home, but don't have any money saved for a down payment.

      Not a problem!  There are a few options that we can discuss for you to purchase a home with little to no money needed out of pocket. 

    • My income situation is tough to document, can you help me?

      Loans that do not require the verification of income are called Stated Income Loans.  These are no longer allowed for a primary residence, however, I can assist with some private money options if the home will be used only as an investment property.